About Us

The Roy Knighton Legacy is a tribute to the memory of the exceptional craftsmanship of the village blacksmith. Roy Knighton’s talents and dedication to quality meant that no job was too big or too small. He used these ideals to assist his friends and neighbors in the early years of a small Idaho town.


RKL Enterprises LLC wants to continue with those same ideals to help you with all of your home maintenance needs.


With over twenty years of electro-mechanical repair experience and 15 years of commercial facilities management has taught me there is no job too big or too small. From a full kitchen remodel to replacing a light switch, RKL Enterprises is here to help you with any projects you may have around the home.


In today’s world, we here at RKL Enterprises knows that buying a home is becoming difficult due to issues with the economy or even just having the time to do maintenance. This is where RKL Enterprises comes in. Let us help you turn your space into the dream home that you’ve always wanted!



Russ Daniels

RKL Enterprises, LLC